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Just wanted to say thank you so much for getting the military dog tags to us so quickly! They look fantastic! I also wanted to thank you for the brilliant customer service you have displayed throughout the process. From your manner on the phone, to emails and to the thank you note and chocolate that came with the delivery – in a world were quality customer service is all but gone, your service was truly a breath of fresh air!

Thank you so much Cheryl & I look forward to working with you and your business again in the future!

Claire (Marketing, Events & Connections Specialist)
Well young lady you certainly are all over your business model, from assembly of product to delivery details.
They arrived not 15 minutes after our last message trail.... Not sure if this missive will be shared on your website, but here goes anyway.
The entirety of your conduct during this entire process has been par excellence.
However, one fascet stands head and shoulders ubove and beyond even this standard of excellence.
What I am referring to here is the amazing level of communications, availability, connectivity and timely response you brought consistently into the process from commencement to completion.
Such a proactive, constant presence is a rare commodity these days and when one encounters it in the 21st Century, I must confess from a subjective perspective that it is a pleasant surprise.
From the business perspective, my only real observation or comment really, is that I would love to have the majority of folks I am forced to endure in the workplace with even 50% of the all round spacial and situational awareness you displayed when handling all of your business obligations, EVEN though you were physicall away from that business the entire time.